Work in Progress

My latest drawing project has really made me happy! I’ve been wanting to draw a majestic lion for a while now, but I didn’t want to just get a photo reference off the internet. So I had to wait till I had a good quality camera. Thankfully I was able to afford one a couple months ago and went to the zoo several times, getting as many shots of different animals for my own references. And since there were lions, I was finally able to get a shot that I really liked and wanted to draw.

Work in Progress #1 - Lion
Work in Progress #2 - Lion

It’s not finished yet, but I’m loving how it’s turning out! The image below shows how far I am at the moment.
Work in Progress #3 - Lion

What do you think so far?

Ice Painting

It’s really cold here in Colorado. And having to be kept inside causes the mind to try and find new things to do. I live with my best friend and her family. And one of the children got into her head the idea to paint on the frosted windows with warm water. Enough to make an image without scratching the windows, and yet not so much water that the image will get distorted. Of course, I was invited to see and contribute.
My friend stated after she saw my image that, “That’s how you know you’ve got it!” She’s always so encouraging! 🙂
The finished project I actually really like! So, try it! Get some warm water the next time it snows and your windows are frosty, and ‘paint’!