Digital Art

I love trying new things and new ways to make something creative. But I will say, yes I love to try, yet if I ‘fail’ and the image doesn’t turn out how I wanted it, I get really discouraged and never want to try that again. Or I want to concur the craft, it depends on my mood that day. Well last night I was fixing something in photoshop while simultaniously browsing DeviantArt. And I kept running accross a lot of space images and wondered to myself, “How do people do that?” Digital art was the obvious answer. I’ve never really honed into digital art because a lot of friends have said that it’s fairly technical and somewhat mathmatical.

I don’t do math.

So I never tried, thinking that because it uses a part of my brain that is almost nonexistent. But the pictures some people come up with are brilliant! So at 12:20 last night…yes that was about midnight…I started playing with photoshop. Making layers and coloring shapes, copying and pasting, erasing and making more layers. Until my first attempt was ruffly finished. This morning I added a last finishing touch and here’s what I came up with.
To See

I like it, I just know that I still have room to grow in this area. But I did have fun, even though it was after 2 when I went to bed…

My second attempt wasn’t as fun. At least the process wasn’t. Photoshop kept stalling and thinking and not getting what I wanted done in a timely manner. It took me about 5 and a half hours to make the second image…so much longer then it needed to be. Part of me feels like I could have gotten so much other stuff done, but I really wanted to see how this one would turn out. And thankfully my room mate was home who is more technology savey and she was able to answer any of my questions I had.

I absolutely love how this one turned out, I just wish it hadn’t taken so long.

All in all, I feel like I will still dabble in digital art once in a while. As well as spray paint, ceramics, sewing, cooking, etc. Not near as much as I will still draw, acrylic and watercolor paint. But you will never catch me working on math.

I don’t do math.

Spray Paint Day 2

I decided to try another day of spray painting. It’s really cold out, and I feel like it’s deterring the drying process of the paint, so I had several muff ups…

This was my first one today, I tried to use some stencils, but with the wind, and my lack of experience, it didn’t turn out so well.
planets giraffe

This one was my second muff up. The way coster came off that covered the planet shifted and made a second circle. So I tried to make a second planet, but it didn’t turn into an actual circle. And then the wind blew it over after I took the photo and a portion of the yellow sky was still wet and got smeared up. Oh, well.

I liked this one. I tried a lot of different things to make it more like space. Really enjoy this one.

This one is my favorite one that came from today! I just really like it!

All in all, I really like spray paint art, and I’m going to try to incorporate other art mediums into it, but for now, I just need to wait for warmer weather.

Spray Paint Art

Several of my friends have been posting various videos of spray paint street artists along with statements or questions about me trying it out. After a while of thought, and of course, it’s been eating at my mind so I went out and got some spray paint and poster board paper and tried it out.

My first one, I feel, was a flop. But then again, this was my first one and I can tell you that my idea behind this was much grander then my skill with spray paint. I do love the green and red planets though. Spray Paint First Try

My second try turned out a little better. I just went for planets this time.
Spray Paint Second Try

The final picture I tried was my favorite. Although I noticed that on all three the contaner I used to cover the planets when making the sky left little lines of dark color around the planet. I’m still trying to figure out if I like it that way or not.
Spray Paint Third Try

All in all, I had a lot of fun making these images. Next time I’ll try to pick a day that not so cold. I’ll leave you now with two little tidbits. First, an image of what my art table looks like after today’s excursion. And secondly, I attached a YouTube video of one of the many street artist that are very good at spray paint art! Check them out!
Click for Video –> Spray Paint Art

art table at present