Life = Busy!

Everyone has a time in their year, at least once a year, where everything is happening! Everyone is around and you just get busy!

Well, the last couple of months have felt very full. I’ve been able to get some good time with friends and family in, I’ve started a few projects, but all in all, I am exhausted! I just feel very drained!

…how many different ways can I say tired?

I did start two paintings, both acrylic and both incorporating an octopus.
What I have so far of my first picture. The octopus himself is about 2 in. and he will be accompanied by several sea horses and a play on a sea serpent/cat fish. A little odd, but fun.

And this big guy is actually a play on finger painting that I’m trying. He is turning out beautifully so far and I’m greatly enjoying using my fingers instead of a brush for once. Excighted to see his finish.

And this next one is watercolor, which is a little easier to finish in one day. This picture is complete, and I had fun trying some new style technics to paint her.
blowing weeds watercolor

All in all, I am still able to get art in even when life is full…actually getting to finish pictures is a little harder, but still doable.

Soon my schedule will be even busier as I will finally be able to go back to school in the fall!
I must say I am so excited about this opportunity! And I truly hope that these plans will not crash and burn for the forth time…keep your fingers crossed! 😀