Lots of Things!

I know that time fly’s when you’re having fun, but also when you’re busy working and trying to figure things out, and paying bills, and…basically I feel like I have to kick down the door to the studio in my head and barge inside in order for me to get any art done amongst normal life!

I don’t like that feeling. It makes me feel depressed and angry that I have to force myself to draw and paint just because I have the time right now but I don’t have that time later. I miss the days when I could just lay around with a sketch book in hand and draw till my hands hurt. I was truly happy in those moments.

Sigh…oh well. I haven’t been completely idle in the artistic sense, thankfully.

Finger Painting Octopus Part 3 work in progress
I’ve gotten a good deal more completed on my finger painted octopus. It’s not finished (still!) but it’s close.

A Snow White Kiss
I got a commission to do a spray paint piece of Snow White kissing Dopey for a friend so she could give it to her mother for mother’s day. I did two, but this was the one that both of us liked the best…we will not speak of the other picture.

Tiger Painting work in progress 1Tiger Painting work in progress close up
I am working on another painting, this time with the brushes. I’m using one of my zoo photos as a reference for this feline beauty. The close up is about all I’ve gotten done so far. I’ve slowly started the nose and will soon join the two parts.

Polar Bear Work in Progress
And lastly, I started this polar bear as a doodle while I was waiting for all my friends to arrive for a movie night. And I really love how it looks so far that I’m certainly finishing this baby! So much color! It makes me happy!

In looking up, I have been busy, but not to the extent where my art life has been left behind, yet at the same time it’s not the forefront of my time. I’d like to have had more to reveal, but this will do for now. I’ll be even busier in the fall once school starts, but I am excited and anxious to see what happens! And since it will be art classes, I’m not worried about trying to squeeze art in the mix then. 🙂