Computer Art

So lately I’ve been experimenting with different art types, computer art being the main focus the last few weeks. I have photoshop and a Bamboo drawing tablet, but haven’t dabbled much in with either. So I decided to try my hand at drawing a picture on a computer screen.

My Dream Scape -- Computer drawing 1-- cmyk copy copy

Here’s is what I have so far in the first image. I’ve re-worked the mountains because the first time looks like fluffy fur. I’m working layer by layer and slowly bringing to image together…but most of my foreground stuff that isn’t complete I’m not sure what is staying or going to be removed later on.

cloven soals painting1

Don’t worry though, I’m still doing traditional art. I painted this a random afternoon before work. Each item ended up adding itself because I actually didn’t know what I was painting at the time.

Sculpture Idea 1

This is a doodle I made today. I’d really like to sculpt it!

And speaking of sculpting…I am registered to take 4 art classes this coming fall, A drawing, figure drawing, painting and ceramics. I’m really excited to be doing more art and learning new things with actual instructors rather then on my own! I’ll be shooting for an art degree with either Illustration or Graphic Design as my focus, so the next few years will be busy but well worth it!