Summer is Gone…Already?

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end stretch of September! It has been a full summer. A lot of friends from out of town got to spend considerable amount of time with me and my roommate over the months, which was amazing, but slowed down my art projects. I still was able to get things done, just not all that I wanted.

I did finish a two part commission for a client. I really like how they each turned out.
KillimanCommission 1-zach

Then I started a new watercolor project. At first this was just to be a single picture, but then I decided to make one for each season with a different fantasy creature in each. Fall is the only one I have so far, but the other seasons will be coming soon.
Fall Fantasy

This whole summer I have been training for several different 5K races. I got to run the Panerathon, The Color Run and the Dirty Dash. I’ve had an amazing time! Training has it’s ups and downs, but race day is so much fun! I really want to push myself and complete The Spartan Race, which will take a lot of training.

I painted this one day that I was somewhat discouraged but still wanted to move forward. And it’s already inspired other people. You can see the image used here.
Don't Give Up

Here’s an image of me at the Dirty Dash, soon I’ll have a photo of me at the Spartan Race!

Computer Art

Art now can be made on the computer using various programs. I tend to work in photoshop, building layer by layer to make digital pictures. I’m slowly teaching myself though…here are a bunch of finished works and works-in-progress that I made in photoshop. I will give you a hint, a drawing tablet works wonders!