I’ve Got a Plan!

Time continues to fly by and I find that I’m more often holding on with my fingertips to try and keep up with it all. My day job continues to suck away time and energy, but thankfully I still can find a few moments to work on creative things. Sadly, that doesn’t say the same for web updates. Oh well.

After doing a lot of thinking and talking with some friends I finally decided on a corse of action for…well pretty much everything. I find scheduling things to be pretty helpful actually. I’ve yet to fully get the ball running but my corse of action is already mapped out, I just need to take that first step.

Along this whole thinking process I was able to finish a few things.

I finally finished my finger painting octopus! I’m so happy with it, it’s now one of my favorite paintings I’ve done!
Finger Painting Complete

A friend of mine asked for a cardinal, actually a year ago. I’ve been juggling so much, but I thankfully finally painted one for her! And she loves it!
Rachel's Cardinal

There was a bad winter storm last month and I ended up painting all three of these over the two days of being snowed in. I used ink and watercolor for all three. My favorite of the three is the lion…of course.

Ok, so I finally made the decision of where I want my art career to be pointed toward. I have a bunch of story ideas that I’ve thought up over the years of growing up. I tried to write them all down, and while the action scenes were captivating and made my friends want to read more, I lacked the ability to describe everything around the characters or the characters themselves without emulating Tolkien. People, sadly, don’t read/write books like that anymore. So I decided the best way to not only share my stories, but also my art is to make graphic novels (some people would call them comic books, I call them both, depending on the binding).

I read a lot of comic’s and love all things nerdy. Super heroes, sic-fi adventures, fantasy quests, etc. I love them all! All my stories are varied in all these genres. What better way to share them but to put my words into dialogue and all the descriptions into pictures?

So, as I’ve been fine tuning the dialogue on 2 specific stories that I really want to get published I’ve been playing with how I’m going to draw, ink and color my images. Also getting them into digital form to put in the speech bubbles.

What’s hard about all this is that I’m doing everything. And I’m doing everything as a beginner. I don’t know anyone in the comic industry, which kind of scares me in this whole process, because it is all about who you know and how you know them. But one step at a time. Once I have my first few pages I’ll be posting them as a web comic, trying to gain viewers and a fan base.

This is what I’ve come up with so far as in style. The sea serpent was drawn on paper, inked on paper and colored in photoshop. The logo was drawn and colored in photoshop. I’m thinking of doing it more like the sea serpent. I was able to get a lot more detail in and was happier with it over all.

So you see, I’ve not been idle! I’ve just been busy…per the norm.