What happened?

Wow, my last post was back in April…don’t worry I’m not dead, but there is a reason for it.

In the end of April My brother, sister and myself got into a car accident. I was driving and I rear ended someone in a rain storm. Sadly it doesn’t matter if you’re hydroplaning…a rear end is still bad. The other driver was fine, and their car was fine. My car was totaled, and me and my siblings needed several months of chiropractic work and psychical therapy. Thankfully that was all we needed, but emotionally all three of us didn’t take it too well. It was all of our’s first car accident and I have to say, I never want that to happen again.

Because of this I’ve been having to juggle not just physical and emotional recovery, but also having to work longer hours to meet new car payments. This accident kind of hit me in multiple ways. 🙁

During the month of October I realized that I really missed my photoshop. I had gotten rid of it to save money and I wasn’t using it much. Thankfully I got it back again this december…I was missing it too much. But that was one of the reasons I was so slow in posting Inktober pictures. Sorry.

I have been able to draw some. I got to participate in Inktober again this October. Got some great looking pictures from it! This one is my favorite from this year.

I also got to draw Daenerys from Game of Thrones this summer. I’m not usually one to draw people, but I really like how she turned out.

And I’ve slowly been learning how to draw things on the computer. Not great by any means, but I’ve been able to make a few things I like. This little design of Cthulhu and his little priest is so cute!
So Cute!

Sorry I’ve been non existent this summer. I’m hoping to rectify that and be a more active online presence. 🙂