I’m Done With It!

I don’t know how many times friends and family have asked what I’m doing for my art career and all i can give them is a shoulder shrug. After multiple conversations and then only being on fire for art for a few days before fizzling out again, after having ideas and plans only to sit staring a blank wall in frustration… I’m Over It!

I don’t want to write, let alone read another post about how ‘I’m busy, but I have a plan’… judging by that I always have a plan, but can never get to it.

Well I’m done! I’m done with constantly thinking that I’m not good enough, my pictures aren’t perfect, that I’m too tired or busy to complete my projects.

I’m going to grab the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground! I know what I need to do, and instead of waiting for a good time, or waiting till I’m not as busy, I’m going to tackle it now!

I’m taking charge of it now!

(And this time I’m not telling you my plan, that way I’m not falling into that old bad habit.)

My Life In Comics

I’m getting myself in the practice of drawing more frequently, and sharing my busy life at the same time. #mylifeincomics is a compilation of my feelings, my activities, and my stresses as I make my way through the world. I hope you enjoy!