It’s Back!

Yes, it’s back! It’s here! Inktober is in full swing! I’m not going to post all that I’ve done so far just yet… (I need to get more batteries for my camera…) but I’ll be sharing them all soon, or you can hit up my Instagram account.

But I’ve not been completely inactive in the last few months. I’ve drawn a couple new images, for myself and friends.

pegasusfinishedDrew this beauty for myself, I hadn’t drawn horses in a while and I wanted to re-stretch that muscle, really love the way it turned out!

dscn2416A friend of mine got married, but I gave this to her as a present, her and her new husband like sea creatures.

In the last few months I’ve been getting a lot of car stuff taken care of. But it takes time to work on a car, so the guys at my car shop said it was ok to play with the chalk they had for the kids…they didn’t realize that I wasn’t just going to just doodle. 🙂 Now I keep chalk in my trunk and anytime I need work done, well, lets just say they now request that I draw for them.

That makes me so happy! And they love it too!