Friends, Family and You Dream

When looking at things you value in life, Family and Friends are almost every time included in that list. Thus it’s safe to say that the majority of human life values relationships. Usually what’s also on the list is, job/career, etc.

And there’s nothing wrong with having the people in life be high on your priority list, in fact I would encourage it! But sometimes you have a goal in mind, a dream. And in the chasing after this dream everything gets pushed out of the way.


I get so focused on my goals, but to the point of obsession. If I’m trying to get in shape, I’m working out a lot, sleeping a lot, cooking and eating, drinking water…which is all great, but that’s all I’m doing. I don’t get any artwork done, I only hang out with friends if I’m laying on the couch exhausted from working out or taking them on my workouts with me.

I do the same with art. I wake up and start painting, I then draw, I post pictures of my drawings and paintings, I write my storyline for my comics then draw out my comics, I spend all my free time setting up for the next day to draw and paint all day again. Even to the point of staying up late into the night (more like morning) hours trying to get more stuff done.

But where is the time for friends? For family? For rest?

I can’t keep pushing myself without a stop every once in a while. That’s when I burn out and can’t function well in normal society.

I guess it comes down to time management. This is something I’ve been working on for a while now. And I guess it’s something that hasn’t clicked until recently.

I have placed a literal ‘day off’ from everything. No art, no work, it’s just for friends and family. To do things together, wether it’s a hike, yard work, playing games or just watching movies all day. This has greatly helped me in multiple aspects. It also is a nice way to make sure all my deadlines are met. Cause they have to be done before my day-off in order to me to be able to actually relax, and it’s worked for a couple weeks now.

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