Project: Constantly Learning

My next project is about: School

I finally, and I mean finally, got to take a college class this semester!

If you know anything about me you know that I’ve been trying to go to college for years, but there was always a road block in my way. This time I finally was able to not only sign up for classes but pay for them out of pocket! Sadly, I signed up for 3 art classes but 2 of them got dropped. But the one class that stayed was a Graphic Novel Making Class.

I’m already learning a lot about fine tuning my story telling prowess. But the main lesson I’m grasping, yes just grasping cause I’m still learning this lesson.

It’s the lesson of: How to Learn.

I’m a perfectionist. And a lot of the times I think that the first time I draw or write something is already great and amazing. Either that or it’s a piece of garbage that no one on the planet will ever know got created by me… cause I’m a perfectionist.

But having this level of pride and perfectionism makes two giant road blocks to learning anything new.

It stopes me from trying in the first place. I mean, that’s never ok! Cause if you never try you never learn, and if you don’t learn from mistakes you’ll never get to the point where you succeed! I’m grasping that even though something is hard, that’s ok. If my mind is telling me that I’m going to fail, first I tell my mind to shut up, then I just buckle down and start working and there you go! An awesome piece!

Second, it adds needless grey hairs. I mean, none of us want to go grey prematurely! And stress is a sure fire way to get that. But why stress out about making a wrong stroke on a page? I mean, there are worse things that can happen in life… don’t dwell on that! But I don’t know how many times I’d make a boo boo and it ended up working out to make something great!

Also, most people can’t see you’re mistakes, so it’s fine to just tell yourself ‘you meant to do that.’ 😉

College is going great! And I’m hoping to take another class next semester! Finger’s crossed!

Project: Warriors Comic

I recently finished a project of a bunch of warriors with a corresponding constellation. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Forth Project: A Warriors Journey Comic

I already have a heart for these characters! I mean they’re my babies! At first I only had four warriors in mind but then the world just became a little bit bigger. I wanted to finish all the character sheets before I decided anything further with my first four warriors. But that didn’t stop my brain from churning.

I have a least 8 of the warriors stories… only 4 more to go. 😛

I wanted to make the comic about each warrior individually. Sort of like each characters origin story because they all are warriors, but they were called to defend and protect for many different reasons. Just like multiple people being called into the same profession, they each have a different reason. I really wanted to go over each characters reason for becoming a warrior. So far I love each of their stories!

At the moment though, I’m a little bogged down with so many projects that I’ll be slowly putting this comic together but I won’t be posting it until I have a giant chunk of pages. That way it won’t end up like my masks comic which I’m sooo ssslloowwwllyy updating…

But If I do share anything else about this project like pages and progress, it will most likely be on my patreon page.

Secret Project!…wait a minute…

Yeah, it’s not so secret but it sort of feels like it, even though I’m proclaiming it to the world… I just don’t seem to know what a secret is…

Second project is: Spirits Coloring Book

With my daily doodle project I started making some zentangle images. And as per usual, once I drew one image I had an entire project emerge into my head.

I want to do this sort of zentangle designs with sort of forest demons and angels. I only have a few images so far, but my goal is to by the mid-end of this year have enough images to submit to a publishing house as an adult coloring book! I’m excited at the reception I’m already getting from just the images themselves, so I can’t wait to see this become a reality!

While I’m using the Daily Doodle Challenge as a means to draw pages for my book, I realized that I don’t want all the images to be known before the book comes out, so I’ll be also drawing some coloring book pages and not posting them on any social media platforms.


I might share them with my patron peeps, but they will be the only people seeing things before hand.

What do you think about this project? Is this something you would be interested in? Coloring pages dealing with forest demons and angels?

All the Projects!

It might just be the new year feeling still lingering in the air… but I’ve loaded myself up with tones of different art projects that I’m hoping to complete either in a couple months or in a year or are part of a longer term goal. It’s actually very exciting even just seeing these first steps.

Over the next few day’s I’ll update you guys in all the different projects.

First up is the project: Daily Doodle 2019

What’s fun about this challenge is that I’m not the only artist taking part in a year long challenge. I’ve noticed a bunch of other artists across instagram, facebook and deviant art that are challenging themselves to draw every day, or at least create something every day. Of course I thought I was being original when I started on the first, but ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.’

I’ve told myself that this was a doodle project. That way I’m not obligated to make a finished project on a daily. I mean life does get in the way sometimes… so having that freedom to just draw with no pressure can be placed on the project for those days that I work 12 hours or end up needing to complete other things in life, or just need to sleep.

But I do feel like I’m still pushing the boundaries by trying to have completed images… plus I came up with a project within my project… I’ll tell you about that next time!