I’m in progress on working on my webcomics, I have several in the works, but my current child I’m working on is still bringing me grief about coming together. I’ve made a few character studies on some of the cast, also trying to figure out how I want to draw out the line work, coloring and making them a digital format, since I still live in the world of paper and pen (please don’t kill me!) and digital artwork is still new to me.

setka and osiris character study
This is Setka and Osiris. They are both semi-villians, and both magic wielders.

This is Athena. She ends up helping the main character and her friends. She makes people think she’s friendly, but she’s really a hardened warrior.

Fevra and Bridge Character Study
This is the ginny Fevra and Bridge, the first two friends the main character makes on her adventure.

I sadly haven’t gotten the main character how I like her yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to flesh out the other characters and be able to share them with you.

I’m still writing and editing the story, but I have the first chapter paneled out…very crudely, so not at all worth posting, but soon I’ll be able to share the beginning pages with you.

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