Inktober 2014

This is my first year of doing Inktober. It certainly was a learning experience. My hand cramped up a few times, and I had to try out three different seats before finding a position that didn’t kill my back after the hours of drawing.

The Ink medium is certainly fun but it can be frustrating if you make a mistake. And it’s much harder to draw a picture that is detailed without taking a long time to do it in order to make sure it truly is detailed.

You can get colored ink as well as black ink. Or you can use watercolor.

And if you add water to ink it makes some cool distortions, shading, and alter colors.

One thing I liked about ink is that you can draw or paint with it.

Also the use of markers doesn’t cause as much bleeding to the ink as watercolor does, so choose wisely.

And fine ink pens can get great text.

All in all, I do love working with ink! There are so many options to what you can do and what effect you can get.

Whether it is free drawn or over pencil, ink is fun, you get great crisp line work and if you paint with it you can get great shading that’s really smooth. This is the conclusion of this years Inktober. Keep your eyes peeled next October, for I will be taking part in this again!

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