Wolves Embrace In the Works My art is my passion. My day is always better when I have paint on my pants, or my hands ache from drawing for hours, or people have to force me to eat because I’m focused on a project. I’m happy with the world that I see, the world that I then put on paper or canvas for others to see. Sometimes it’s a breathtaking landscape, or a pulse pumping action shot. Or the fragile breath of a creature simply existing.

I see the world that’s there, and the world that’s in my head.
I’m inspired by the anything that catches my eye—which is a lot.

Living in Colorado Springs, we have the natural beauty in the Rocky Mountains, wildlife, landscapes… It’s an inspiring place for an artist. As the fourth of five kids, I had a lot of fun playing outside and using my imagination with my siblings so we all could see the world in our minds. Throughout childhood, my siblings encouraged me to be creative. Having been raised with Disney, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, it was easy to imagine new worlds to explore.

Over the years, I have taken a variety of art classes and have learned to filter my imagination into 2- and 3-dimensional creations, including sculpture, ceramics, drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, and more.

Blind Painting

I’ve even played around with disassembling broken technology just so that I could put it back together as a totally new object. I’ve blindfolded myself to see what would happen if I painted without looking. I brought home broken dishes and cast off baking pans from my day job with the intention of reincarnating them as art.

Despite dabbling in many different mediums, my main passion continues to be drawing and painting. I love having the ability to delve into fine detail with black pen or make large splashes of color across a giant canvas.

My goal is to help others see and enjoy things they might never get to        experience. To let their minds travel to unique worlds and revel in its beauty.

There are many things that inspire people to think, to dream, and to explore. I merely hope to open a door, or even a window, that will help point someone in the right direction. My art is the compass. The road is already there, you just have to walk down it and enjoy the adventure!