Project: Warriors Comic

I recently finished a project of a bunch of warriors with a corresponding constellation. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Forth Project: A Warriors Journey Comic

I already have a heart for these characters! I mean they’re my babies! At first I only had four warriors in mind but then the world just became a little bit bigger. I wanted to finish all the character sheets before I decided anything further with my first four warriors. But that didn’t stop my brain from churning.

I have a least 8 of the warriors stories… only 4 more to go. 😛

I wanted to make the comic about each warrior individually. Sort of like each characters origin story because they all are warriors, but they were called to defend and protect for many different reasons. Just like multiple people being called into the same profession, they each have a different reason. I really wanted to go over each characters reason for becoming a warrior. So far I love each of their stories!

At the moment though, I’m a little bogged down with so many projects that I’ll be slowly putting this comic together but I won’t be posting it until I have a giant chunk of pages. That way it won’t end up like my masks comic which I’m sooo ssslloowwwllyy updating…

But If I do share anything else about this project like pages and progress, it will most likely be on my patreon page.