All the Projects!

It might just be the new year feeling still lingering in the air… but I’ve loaded myself up with tones of different art projects that I’m hoping to complete either in a couple months or in a year or are part of a longer term goal. It’s actually very exciting even just seeing these first steps.

Over the next few day’s I’ll update you guys in all the different projects.

First up is the project: Daily Doodle 2019

What’s fun about this challenge is that I’m not the only artist taking part in a year long challenge. I’ve noticed a bunch of other artists across instagram, facebook and deviant art that are challenging themselves to draw every day, or at least create something every day. Of course I thought I was being original when I started on the first, but ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.’

I’ve told myself that this was a doodle project. That way I’m not obligated to make a finished project on a daily. I mean life does get in the way sometimes… so having that freedom to just draw with no pressure can be placed on the project for those days that I work 12 hours or end up needing to complete other things in life, or just need to sleep.

But I do feel like I’m still pushing the boundaries by trying to have completed images… plus I came up with a project within my project… I’ll tell you about that next time!